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Breeds of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Hairy Dog Salon

Every dog is unique and we give each one the individual attention they deserve. We love spending time with every dog that comes to visit, with time and patience even the most fidgety of dogs begin to relax and enjoy the grooming experience.

We offer a variety of packages which are also all customisable to fit around you and your dog, so please ask if you have anything you would like to change or add.

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The Full Works

Pet Grooming doesn’t get much better than this!


  • Free consultation with your Dog Groomer
  • Basic health check including checking anal glands*
  • Eyes cleaned
  • Claws trimmed and filed
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  • Pad hair trimmed and around feet tidied
  • Full coat brush out
  • Some de-matting if required** (Please see more about this in Information)
  • Sanitary trim
  • Relaxing and deep cleansing Blueberry Facial
  • Rejuvenating  Bath with natural and professional deep cleaning shampoos
  • Coat conditioning treatments available (extra charges may apply)
  • Thoroughly dried coat using appropriate drying equipment
  • Clipping, scissoring or hand stripping as agreed on in the consultation (depending on the dog’s breed, lifestyle and owners requirements)
  • Conditioning fragrance spritz
  • Complimentary free gift

The Full Works plan will be tailored to your dog, which will be discussed with you during your free consultation, for that reason it is essential that you allow at least 10-15 minutes with us upon arrival to discuss your requirements and the needs of your dog. For more details about clipping, scissoring or hand stripping please see the Information and FAQ pages. We also require you to have completed a Customer Information Form so that we have contact details for you and any information that may be needed for your pet. This can be completed upon arrival, or can be downloaded and completed at your convenience prior to arriving at the salon.

 Click here for our Breed Price List

You might want to include some of our Add-ons and additional services to make your dogs pampering even more special. Have a look here to see what we have to offer! Back to Top

Wash & Go

Our Wash & Go Package is ideal for a spruce up in between The Full Works appointments!20150703_092347

  • Free Pre-Groom Consultation
  • A quick health check
  • Ears & Eyes cleaned
  • A full coat brush out including some de-matting if required*
  • A nice bath with a suitable luxury shampoo
  • A thoroughly dried coat using appropriate drying equipment
  • Conditioning fragrance spritz

The Wash & Go package is designed for a clean and brush through in between Full Works grooming sessions. Some breeds are exempt from the Wash&Go package due to the nature of their requirements.

From £10

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Puppy Love

Introducing your puppy to grooming as early as possible is the key to success!

Your puppy will benefit from becoming familiar with the grooming process from a young age and it’s a great way to bond with your new pup.

Our fabulous Puppy Package is a great way to gradually introduce your puppy to professional grooming. Each session is designed to positively introduce puppy to the techniques and tools used here at the salon which teach them that grooming is a pleasurable experience.

This package can start after your puppy’s vaccinations are complete and is available for pups up to six months old. The package consists of three main sessions designed to get pup ready for the full grooming experience, however I do encourage owners to book in additional mini appointments for your pup to come in for just a play and bonding session which helps to reinforce that the salon isn’t somewhere to be scared of and build their relationship with their groomer.

For more information and guidance on building up grooming experiences at home, please see our Puppies Home Grooming page.

All this for only £50!

*All of these sessions are tailored around your puppy so may vary depending on puppy age, condition of its coat and how she does with each session, so please bear in mind it is a learning curve and it may take a bit longer than others for some puppies to enjoy being groomed.

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Peace of mind for only £10!

microchip-sign-on-dog_0From April 2016 ALL dogs need to be Microchipped by law.Microchips are the size of a piece of rice and are easily placed just beneath the skin on the scruff of your dogs neck, instantly identifying your dog with a unique number registered with a national database run by Pet-Log. They can be easily scanned by a dog warden, Veterinary Surgeon or appointed microchippers, such as the staff at Hairy Dog Salon and quickly traced back to their owners.

We are fully trained and insured to offer Microchipping for Pet-Log at Hairy Dog Grooming Salon.

Only £10 per dog

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Party Pooch

Everyone wants their nearest and dearest with them during special events, so the Hairy Dog team now offers you the chance to include your pet too!

There are two starter packages to begin with, each package is fully customisable and designed with your particular celebration in mind and we can work with your plans and ideas, whatever they may be, so please ask.


 The Dapper Dog

  • FREE Pre-event consultation to meet your dog and discuss your/their individual needs and your ideas
  • Collection of your dog early on the day
  • 1/2 hour walk before the event
  • Transport of dog to the event
  • Full supervision during the event / photography session (1 hour)
  • Treats and Meals given (food supplied by owners)
  • Transport of dog back home / to agreed person


 The Swanky  Dog Packageil_fullxfull.205334113

  • FREE Pre-event consultation to meet your dog and discuss your/their individual needs and your ideas
  • Full groom prior to the day of the event
  • Collection of your dog the day before the event and a night in a clean secure pen at Ashcross Kennels
  • Multiple walks throughout the day and the next morning
  • Wash&Go service the morning of the event (depending on times)
  • A Tuxedo bandana, bow tie or other accessory
  • Transport of dog to the wedding venue
  • Full supervision during event / photography session (3 hours)
  • Treats and Meals given (special diets must be supplied by owners)
  • Transport back to secure comfortable pen at Ashcross Kennels for the night
  • Walk and breakfast in the morning before being returned home

These packages are available on any day of the week (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day) although need to be booked a minimum of three months in advance to ensure availability.

You might want to include some of our Add-ons and additional services to include in your dogs pre-celebration groom to make it extra special! Have a look here to see what we have to offer!
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 Quick Trim

Just a nail trim. No appointment necessary, just a quick call to see if i’m available. Only £5


Hair in and around pads trimmed and tidied, nails clipped and filed. Appointment required. From £8

Deluxe Pawdicure

Includes everything in the Pawdicure service but also includes a dog friendly nail polish for those who like a splash of colour! Please call to book. From £10
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Home Grooming Guidance Session

An hour session spent in the salon with me and your pooch. I will show you the best techniques and tools that will help you to effectively groom your dog at home in between appointments, promoting bonding between you both and great coat health for your dog. I am there to answer any questions you may have, and help with any troubles you might be having with your dogs grooming. Home grooming is important for your dog, to ensure his skin and coat is healthily maintained. This also enables me to professionally groom your dog to the desired style during his or her appointment.

From £30 per hour

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Madra Mor Mud Therapy Treatments

Add a mud bath onto your dogs Full Works package for the ultimate pampering treatment!

Shed safely – Shed Safely Mud, this is a deep cleaning, sweet smelling mud bath, that flows with hydrating omega oils and is pumped full of B vitamins to help prevent excessive shedding. £10

Calming / Soothing –  the ultimate Zen mud bath, infused with a unique blend of mother nature’s finest ingredients that calm, comfort and promote healing. High in antioxidants with strong astringent properties, this is the softest mud you will ever feel! Indulge your canine companion regularly for healthy skin and cuddly fur! £10

Energise / Mobility –  A stimulating, energizing treatment with the perfect blend of stimulating peppermint & soothing menthol for the skin to feel cool & refreshed. Peppermint oil is a natural antiseptic, the and has scientifically proven therapeutic properties, say goodbye to itchy and hello to healthy skin! £10

Fortifying Mud – turn detoxing and strengthening into a pampering experience! Super charged with the power of Diatomaceous Earth, giving this mud a bit of grittiness along with apple cider vinegar, an ideal treatment for maintaining optimum skin & coat health. £10 (in addition to regular Full Works price)
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Other Services & Add-ons

Our bespoke one to one promise means we are pretty flexible when meeting your requirements, so if there is something you would like that is not listed, please get in touch and have a chat.


Ears & Eyes

A quick ear clean (and pluck if necessary) followed by a gentle eye clean

From £5

Brush Service

A complete brush out of your dogs coat and quick spritz of a WildWash fragrance spray (matting may incur extra costs)

From £10

Bath & Towel Dry

A nice relaxing bath to rejuvenate your pooch and then dried with an absorbent towel

From £5

Facial Scrub and Cleanse

The Tropiclean Blueberry Facial Tearstain Scrub is a ‘tearless’ and effective facial cleanser which soothes and exfoliates and with regular use, helps to keep faces dazzling white. (This is already included for free in the ‘Full Works’ service, however other services will require it as an add-on).

From £5

Deep Conditioning Treatment

What better way to ensure your dogs coat is shiny and luxurious than a specially designed deep cleansing conditioner. Made with shea butter, coconut and rose oil your dog will not only look fabulous, but smell amazing too!

From £5

Breath Freshening Treatment

Plaque or poor diet is usually the main cause of stinky doggy breath and this needs to be treated by your vet or rethinking their food, however we do offer a treatment using a specially formulated minty fresh product which can be applied during your dogs groom, giving him a freshening boost.

Only £5

Doggy Day Care

Let your fur-baby spend a fun day out with other pooches with Doggy Day Care at Ashcross Kennels. Plenty of walking, running and play time throughout the day – great for socialising your dog with other four legged friends and giving you some free time too!

From £5

Creative Grooming

As mentioned before, here at Hairy Dog we embrace the unique and individual so if there is a new style you’d like your dog to show off or maybe even a splash of colour to stand out from the crowd, we will be more than willing to oblige! We use pet safe products and will never do anything that could cause pain or discomfort to your pet.

Clipped Paw Balm1432293754

WildWash Paw Balm

A 100% natural conditioning paw balm, great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt. It is a super conditioning paw treatment  that will relieve your dogs’ cracked, dry and rough paws and protect them from everyday wear and tear.

 *We do not express anal glands at Hairy Dog Salon. This is due to the Veterinary Surgeons Act deeming it an invasive procedure and should only be carried out by a medically trained professional.


Our prices for a professional dog grooming service are both competitive and affordable, which is just one of many reasons our customers return time and time again!

When the appointment is booked the price given is a guide price only for your breed of dog and may change depending on their size, condition of their coat, the dogs temperament and their grooming requirements. The final price will be confirmed when you’re asked to collect your dog via text or phone call.

Please click HERE for the price list. The list is based on the Full Works packages, any add-on’s are additional to the Full Works price. Some breeds, such as Labradors, Pugs and Golden Retrievers are not offered Wash&Go packages as the Full Works entails the same amount of work involved.

THE small PRINT….

All add-on’s are at an additional cost on top of the standard grooming cost. Please check with your Groomer for the final price.
Prices are reviewed annually and may vary depending on condition of coat and dogs temperament.
Payment can be taken by cash or Bank Transfer and must be made on collection of the dog. Receipts can be provided via email and are only provided if requested upon completion of payment.
Pets must be fit and healthy and walked prior to their appointments and any changes to their overall health status must be reported to the Groomers prior to your visit.
The groomer will not be held responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition, or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning, stripping or shaving.
Photographs may be taken of the dog for the groomers records. These image may be used in publicity and advertising, including social media websites. Please inform the groomer if you would not like your pets image to be used on social media, prior to the appointment. 
We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or a member of staff.
Grooming of any kind cannot commence until the customer declaration has been signed.

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