Puppy’s Home Grooming

Before you pick up your puppy from the breeder do your research about the breed and its requirements, including grooming. Ask the breeder how they have their dog groomed, where and how often. Its also worth giving me a call for professional advice and any recommendations for a home grooming kit so that you can be prepared for when you bring home the new member of your family.

Before you bring your Puppy to the Groomers….

Introducing your puppy to grooming should begin as soon as you bring him or her home.

There are many benefits in grooming your dog:

  • Regular brushing ensures healthy growth and promotes good blood circulation
  • Keeps the coat healthy and well maintained, which allows your professional groomer to trim to your requirements, rather than a short clipped coat due to a matted coat
  • Gives you the opportunity to give your dog a quick health check to make sure he’s healthy
  • Grooming provides valuable bonding time between you and your fur-baby. It also reduces stress in you both, helping you to relax and build a close relationship
  • Gets puppy used to being handled at an early age

Tips for Home Grooming

  • Set aside a little time at the end of each day for a little grooming session
  • Choose a time when your puppy is relaxed and calm. Trying to groom a dog who is full of energy and ready to play will end in you both getting frustrated!
  • Have a specific area set up ready for grooming your dog and keep it the same each time so he knows its grooming time! (if this area is raised, make sure you never leave your dog unattended)
  • Make sure you use lots of praise and maybe some treats at first, until pup gets used to it, turn it into a positive occasion
  • Gently stroke your dog and hold his feet and legs, as well as his tail and ears. Touch his toes and nails, all the time giving him praise. Never force anything to happen otherwise puppy will form bad memories
  • Use a cheap or old electric toothbrush to get puppy used to the sensation of a clipper. Turn it on near to the puppy and just run it for a few moments, increasing the length until puppy isn’t bothered by the noise. At this point, calmly and gently run it over his body, starting at the back and work your way to the head, once he’s used to it
  • Run a teaspoon over your puppy’s muzzle and near to the eyes. This will help your groomer when she comes to scissoring around your pup’s face
  • Turn on a hairdryer while your puppy is in the same room as you to get him used to the sound. Do not tease him with it though.
  • Make sure you have a basic grooming kit at home. If you’re not sure what you need, get in touch and we can help. We also sell many tools and products in our Boutique.