Please read this page for all the important information and T & C’s for Hairy Dog Grooming Salon

Pre Groom Etiquette


Please make sure your dog has had a walk and chance to ‘relieve’ itself of any business before your appointment. We don’t mind the odd accident on the grooming table, but would rather avoid it if possible!


If your dog is in season it would be best to avoid coming to the salon, because bitches can be slightly more sensitive than normal and being groomed may become uncomfortable or upsetting for her. We are a clean salon and hygiene is of utmost importance, but a bitch in heat will leave behind scents that will drive the boys crazy and make for an uncomfortable grooming session for them too, if they are following her appointment. Additional charges may apply if a dog is left for grooming without informing the groomer of being in season. Late cancellation charges may apply if appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


If you are aware of your dog being unwell or fighting some kind of infection/infestation, please inform us as soon as you can and do not bring your dog to the salon.

The Wildwash shampoo we use includes natural flea fighting ingredients but it is not a cure so please ensure your dog is up to date with flea treatments as we are not licensed to give them. If fleas are found, you will be informed via a polite phone call, as you will need to treat your home as well to get rid of the pesky critters. Additonal charges apply for dogs with fleas.

Ticks are commonly found on the dogs skin during the warmer months, and we can remove these during the grooming session. You will be informed upon collection if we found any, as you will need to keep an eye on the site of the ticks bite for a couple of days just in case of any infection.

 Post Groom Etiquette

dong homePick up time

I will contact you about half an hour before the grooming is finished, giving you enough time to return for your fur baby or you will be given a time to collect upon arrival. If you are having difficulties with collection please let me know so we can discuss alternative arrangements. Please respect the fact that we operate on an applointment basis so that every dog has a calm and relaxing experience and having other dogs in the salon, eager to see their owners doesn’t make for a very relaxing time for our next customer. If you are more than half an hour late for collection and I have not heard from you, your dog will be placed in a clean and secure pen at Ashcross Kennels and you will be liable for Doggy Day Care charges of £5 for the day (more if an overnight stay occurs). Also, please do not show up early for collection as it gets your dog all excited and I may be unable to finish the groom.


If you are unhappy with your dogs groom please let us know so we can make changes next time. Remember, it will grow back! The purpose of the pre-groom consultation is so that we can discuss your requirements to avoid ending up with a style you don’t want, so please arrive expecting to answer such questions, and please bring photos of styles you like if you feel that would help.

Additional Charges During The Groom

You will be given an estimate of cost during the consultaion, however the final price will be confirmed when your collection call is made. We try to avoid charging you extra but sometimes this is unavoidable due to the following:

 20150119_111136Dematting Policy

If your pet has mats that we can easily deal with, we will be happy to do so (as long as your dog allows it). We abide by the Animal Welfare Act, any cases of matting will result in a partial or complete coat removal to relieve your dogs suffering caused by matted hair. Removal of the matted coat will allow you to start afresh with his or her grooming. On collection of your dog we can offer advice on correct brushing methods and the right tools to use for your dogs coat. There will be an additional fee on top of the grooming price of £5 per half an hour due to the time it takes to remove the mats and the extreme wear and tear it causes to our tools.

Aggression Policyangry dog

If your dog is extraordinarily difficult or aggressive towards staff you may receive a call to collect your dog, regardless of how far into the grooming we are. Upon collection we can discuss the best route forward to overcome the issues. In most cases, we try to continue calmly and work with your dog, however if they are too distressed and deemed un-groomable it is best not to continue for the safety of the dog and staff. In this case, your dog will be securely contained in a crate or pen at Ashcross Kennels and you will asked to collect immediately. Charges will apply for time.

Missed Appointment / Cancellation Policy / Late Arrivals

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please inform us if you’re unable to attend your appointment otherwise you may be charged up to 100% of the appointment charge, which will be requested prior to the next appointment booked and a deposit system may be required for repeat offenders! If you are running late for your appointment please give us a call to let us know as soon as you can. We work to a very tight schedule throughout the day and being more than 15 minutes late can have a massive knock-on effect on the days appointments. If you are more than 20 minutes late you may be asked to rebook your appointment for another day and may have to pay a fee which will be added to your next appointment.


Flea Removal Policy

We understand that dogs easily pick up such parasites and thus do not charge if a couple of fleas are found. However, if your dog is found to have fleas a charge of £5 will be added to your final bill, if your dog has a flea infestation £10 will be added to your bill to cover the expense and time having to decontaminate the salon and our equipment. If using the Taxi Service £15 will be added to your bill to cover the cost of decontaminating the vehicle as well as the Salon. If you are aware that your dog has a flea problem or you suspect that they may have fleas please let us know when checking in so we may isolate your dog from other pets.

 Your Appointment

Appointments vary depending on a number of factors including the type of appointment and services booked, whether your dog has been groomed before, your dogs breed etc.20150213_094731

This is a rough guide to a standard appointment at Hairy Dog Salon for your information.20150129_151217

Initial Booking

When booking your appointment you will be asked important questions such as dogs breed, condition of coat, grooming history and temperament so that I can get a sense of what is required and make a plan for grooming. A date and time will be agreed on for your dogs appointment, please refer to the Information page for preparation.

The Appointment

Upon arriving for your appointment you will be asked to confirm the details already given and you will be asked to complete a Customer Registration form for our records (all records are kept confidential). Or you can download the Customer Information Form here, complete the first page and bring it with you to your first appointment.

The first appointment will include a Free Consultation, where we will discuss your requirements and the best approach for grooming, depending on its breed, coat type, your lifestyle and your requirements.  The purpose of the pre-groom Consultation is so that we can discuss everything and avoid ending up with a style you don’t want so please arrive expecting a lot of questions and bring photos of styles you like, if that helps.

Your dog is safely put onto the grooming table so I can have a look at the dogs coat to confirm grooming methods discussed are the right route forward, whilst also giving your dog a quick health check. You will be asked to leave once your dog is settled and everything is discussed, please do this as calmly as possible to ensure your dog doesn’t assume its leaving time and get over excited! Long goodbyes will leave your dog anxious and won’t help him to settle!

Typically an appointment for The Full Works can last anything from 2 hours or more. I will give you a courtesy call about half an hour before the session is complete to allow you enough time to return and collect your dog and make payment (cash or cheque only please).


If there is anything you would like done differently with your dogs groom please take note and let me know next time. Please remember, hair grows back! Grooming is a learning curve for your dog and it will take a few sessions before he or she is used to being pampered, therefore your dog may not be finished perfectly until s/he settles in. We strive for perfection but not at the cost of the dogs comfort and trust in us.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to see if your dog is featured as we often take photos of our ‘before & afters’!